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You were great last night. I enjoyed your performance and also loved seeing you sing with your dad playing the drums. :)
like Enough Of You
Hi Anandi, I heard a song in a video as a background music, and deeply love it .I search the lyric on google then I found here and know the song is "enough of you".Thanks for your good music!
"always be a child" is on a continous loop on my playlist. Great one!
Hey Anandi, it was good to hear you at Clyde's on Sunday night. I wished you could have been up there longer, but we know the sensitivity and logistics of organizing musicians at a Jam. ;) Now that I'm on "the list", I look forward to seeing you soon. Lance
Hi Anandi, I love your music! I knew you many years ago at Karme Choling but then lost track. Congratulations! Sally
Hi Anandi, I'm a Shambhalian from northern California with a couple of live radio shows on KWMR community radio. Would you be my guest on air sometime? Thanks! http://www.kwmr.org/programmer/show/85
I knew i was sitting next to a cool person. Now i know i was sitting next to a rock star!
hi... my name is anand
te ouvi no youtube, bob dylan. é dificil encontrar você. Mas estou aqui. Tudo muito bonito. um beijo
Hi, I am a big fan of yours.. Dicks..
I enjoyed your music last night, thanks again! The Nearness of You is one of my favs and loved your version.
Hi Anandi,Happy Losar!Good to see you on YouTube. If You want to hear my music, check:http://myspace.com/nicklevac. In the meantime,I'm sending you a "Happy video". Take care. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NHKMDT_DNLw
You've got an amazing voice, Anandi! Especially the song down by the river; wow, the rhythm and the beat and of course, your voice it hypnotized me!
Hello, I am trying to find the music of Rashida Oji/Regina Wells, especially the album Big Big Woman, which I had on cassette until it broke. Your site appeared on google when I was searching for her. Any ideas? warm thanks, Ruby
I saw your CD on amazon.com but they don´t send this cd to Mexico what a shame.
Excelent music My best wishes From Mexico
I just got home from the sunday nite jazz jam at clydes and loved your solos......very sexy and romantic.I love your sultry voice. I was sitting in the front table with a couple of ladies and got taken by your passion. You are very blessed.You are beautiful and talented
Heard the song...Always a child...for the very first time today an I really kind of liked it:D
Hi Anandi, glad to see you're still playing. Hope to see you after the first of the year. Thought you left town. I'll try to make it to the Heathman one night. I'll have to check out your new album. Take care.
I've discovered Your great music just a few days ago and I'm very very impressed! So magical voice! So awesome music! It'a a miracle!
I am marathi. My mother name is Anandi. Anandi is marathi word. Word Anandi means Happines......enjoy
I have visited your site & impressed, god may bless you to touch the sky. www.vastutour.blogspot.com
See you at Tony's -b
Rose Street House Concert, Berkeley, CA 2004ish? Rashida Oji "Big, Big Woman" sends big,big love and all blessings
I am very happy to see the about anandi. Album is best. I wish to warm wishes to album.
Hey Anandi! Heard you just past through town. Sorry I missed you. Please try to come sing in Boulder / Denver! Much love, Bill Sutton
Would like to send you a song of mine to consider for your repertoire. Need your email address to send an active demo link, please. Thanx, Ross
heard some of the tracks ............dreamy beautiful ;-))))
Anandi... You're amazing. You inhabit-NO-own the jazz standards you render (major goosebumps on my end) and you deliver such grace and heart with your own compositions. Authentic, commanding and gifted. I couldn't stop listening. Don't stop. Dennis Pearson
nice name!!!1
I remember seeing you at a Folk Alliance conference a while back but didn't know you are Rachel Faro's daughter. Looking forward to seeing you again on 3/23 at Tony Starlights. all the best, Greg
My name is also Anandi. It is a great feeling to a singer by my name .
Oh my goodness! My mother and I are crazed that so many people have our name. It's so unlikely in New York to hear such a name. My mother and a childhood friend have same names. Your music is awesome as well. Hvae a great day!
Dear Anandi Your mom recently is in contact with me because she's coming to Japan. When I heard her name, I remembered you as a little girl when you came to Karme Choling (then Tail of the Tiger) in Vermont. You played with my son Amani, and we all loved you. It's so nice to see your site, and I'll find your music. Elizabeth King
Anandi - I love your music. You have one of the best voices I have heard. "Been Down So Long" is my favorite song. Come back to Boston and serenade us.
beautiful website for a beautiful singer and person. so proud of you! love Mom
Nice site! Good Luck!
hey , my name is Anandi too :)
Heard "Enough of You" embedded on the KickYouTube website through a link from Gizmo's Freeware. Searched through lyric sites for hours trying to find out who you were. You should post your music on YouTube. You should be "discovered" by the rest of the US.
Hi, my name is anandi too.....and it just so happens that my favorite insect is the butterfly whuch you have featured on the top of your homepage. I also have an uncle that ccurrntly resides in Oregon.....Small world inst it!
Was wondering if you used facebook could add an i like if you do .
send me ur profile i am into events in india mumbai
Anandi, I find myself listening to your music a great deal while processing tough emotions these days. I've always liked your music...no melody of question about that. For friends that I want to have a special compilation CD...20% (at least) is from my collection of your tunes. The reason this is significant to me is because I have several hundred CDs in my collection and I love many of them. But, it is your music I turn to for reassurance over and over again. It has been so long since I have seen you. Will you keep my name on your gig mailing list? I would love to hear you again live sometime soon. I hope you are well. I hope you are happy. With love and appreciation, Annie Madison AnnieMadisonJazz
Hi La, Saw you had a new website on facebook so am checking it out. I'm gonna buy a cd too. I have a friend moving to portland in a few months? Can she contact you? Love, diane
Hi Anandi! We shared a table at Jimmy Mak's for the Linda Hornbuckle show, I was the photographer... I have been listening to your music online, so beautiful, I really love Pleasure with the Pain.. I am still interested in contacting your dad about taking some photos of him while DJing.. can you give me his name and e-mail again? I see you have a date coming up in a few months... I will put it on my calendar! If you get a change, the photos from Linda's show are on my website along with the other shoots I have been working on, www.BrandyKayzakianRowe.com... I hope all is well with and I look forward to hearing from you soon! Brandy
Hi, I couldn't believe my eye's when I saw we share the same name. I'm from South-Africa and not many Anandi's here. Where did your parents get your name form. My mother was watching a Zulu tribal story on T.V. the king's wife was Anandi. She loved it. The African people always ask me why my name is Anandi because I'm white, then I tell them the story of Chaka-Zulu and they laugh. Regards A. Labuschagne
Hello, I found your beautiful song "Always a Child" on Youtube. I used it as a AudioSwap. I wanted to tell you that I love the song and I hope you can see the video. Matt's Family Video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ktED2TZA7Ss Thank you so much...
Hi Anandi, Where have you been until now? By sheer chance I found your website--and what a find. You have such a lovely beguiling voice. Wishing you all success, Howard
Hi Anandi, I met you mother today at at Shambala meditation meeting and she reommended I visit your website. My sister-in-law, Reina Collins, is a musician in Portland. We'll attend a meditation session in Portland the next time we visit! Kim
Hey Kiddo, Sorry I didn't make your last gig but please let me know when you are scheduled again and I'll do my best to attend. Best Always, ron
Ciao, ...you've got a great sound!!! I had a nice time meeting you and your family at the BBQ. I wanna exchange pics. Mia
Anandi, hey, it's holly, your brief, long ago roommate. How are you? I want to invite you (and anyone you want to bring) to a house concert at our place. Have you heard of Craig Carothers? He's going to play at my house later this month. Send me your email and I'll give you the details. Hope you are well. It would be fun to catch up! Holly
I would love to hear you again and will do my best to be there. Ron
no way my name is anandi too i'm fourteen. i've never met anyone with the same name as me cool
Hey sweetheart, some game of phone tag we got going on huh? i think you're still it! LOVE YOU Coryglory
i want to be just like you.
Hi, My daughter's name is Aanandi and my website is www.aanandi.com. A chance typo took me to www.anandi.com. I am please to see such a lovely site and so lovely songs. My best wishes.
Hi, My name is Robert O'Toole. I work for GraceLand Talent Agency, in the Nashville office. Several of our entertainers are planning to record new albums. We need pop, rock, country, and gospel songs for male and/or female singers. If you would like for me to present your songs for our acts to review, send a CD with up to 3 songs to GraceLand Talent Agency 2515 Lebanon Road Nashville, TN 37214 Attention: Robert Please be sure to include a copy of this email. It will let my assistant know I requested the material. Thanks Robert
Hi Anandi, It was my pleasure to play "Known Better" on my weekly, 30-minute music podcast. The direct link to the show is http://indiemusicsampler.com/2007/08/17/ims-059/ Take care, and let the music play.... Paul the music lover Indie Music Sampler P.O. Box 3173 Hillsboro, OR. 97123-3173 Voice Mail: 775-261-2006 http://IndieMusicSampler.com/ paul@indiemusicsampler.com
Well, I finally found your sneaky gift of a CD in my guitar case! I love the CD. It's excellent. Very uplifting. I like the Joanie Mitchell like phrasing. Your voice is great. Do you have a myspace page? If you want to hear my band, slippage, go to myspace and do a search for Slippage, and you'll find us. It was great meeting you at Shambhala training. Thanks again for the CD. Later, -Allison
actually anandi, my real name is also anandi
your site is brilligent
Thank-you so much for playing at Taylor's on Saturday. You music was wonderful and you are like an angel. I hope you'll consider playing here again. My wife and I enjoyed the evening very much. Thank-you, Thank-you. -Steve
hey sweet girl, missin u lovin u keep singing
How you been girl? Are you still hanging 'round PDX? Do you have a MySpace page? I'll be your friend!! Are you focusing more on jazz now? I really want to hear you sing your new stuff. Keep me on your announcement list! Tammy and I are always busy but we will make time for an ANANDI show!!
Hi Anandi, I haven't a clue as to what made me google you -but I'm glad that I did! Your in Portland -great town, I spent a few weeks there a few years back. I'm in California with a whole family now!! My how time flies. All the best to you!! -Silas
Hi, Anandi Looking good! Can you come and do a gig for us in Nova Scotia? My family and I moved up last year. Its been a big ajustment but we are liking it. Hope to see you some time. I'm pround of you for presuing your Art!!! Yay!!! Love Odessa
approfitto di questo spazio per segnalare un'artista unica di raro talento e fascino.SEBA CHARMELLE.il suo cd di esordio "Mu Dogha TEi" e' una chicca da non perdere.Lei e' la piu' grande artista vivente del Gabon.Io me ne sono innamorato in tutti i sensi.I LOVE YOU SEBA CHARMELLE!
you are biutifule
Hey Anandi--how fantastic to find you and see that you are doing beautiful music in town! I'll definitely try to make it on June 2nd at the Heathman. ~Lindsay
thats so cool my names anandi
Oh nice! Very pretty page!
hey Anandi, This is Aaron from the "Melody of Question" days. Looks like you're still writing beautiful music :) drop me a line if you get a chance
Very interesting website. :) Good luck and keep up good work. Serj.
Hey Waz up? Me and my friend, called Anandi, were both very shocked to see someone else's name also Anandi!! (I also looked up mine and saw that there were Islands called Reethi!!) Take care, and have a great time in whatever u do! Anandi and Reethi
How come no gigs listed in your calendar?
Hi Anandi h r u. i like your song. Ilike your name . u look so beautyfull.best wish u to chirstmas.
very very sweet voice as your name indicate, your music gives happiness to me
hello Anandi , long time no see. nice website ! Where are you ? Bernard http://spigolo.org
Hi Anandi, haven't seen any live shows on your schedule lately and was wondering if you're still doing any live shows around Portland and vacinity. I'd love to come see you again. Take care and hope to see you soon, Chris (from the "Row")
Anandi - I'm Mariah's Aunt. I live in Bozeman, MT. She sent us your website. I'm listening to your music right now. I love it. You are VERY talented. If you ever want to tour through Montana (Missoula and Bozeman are pretty hip), I could help you arrange that. I know a couple of people who book events/concerts across the state. Anyway, Mariah will probably tell you that I'm in a group called the DupliKates (Two Kates in the group + Chuck or Chucklikate as we sometimes call him). We're a very casual/unusual group. We don't do alot of originals, but tend to pick out of the way/atypical tunes to cover. You might enjoy listening to "Lucky Flame" and "Don't" two of my favorites. We're quite eclectic. The clips at www.duplikates.com are from when we first started. I play clarinet on Don't. Anyway, I'll keep listening to your music. I hope I can meet you sometime. Best Regards. Kate
Hi Anandi, Greetings from the Netherlands. Like your music and you: You are both beautiful. Listen to this: My sons name is Anandi! (http://anandi-rene.mijnalbums.nl) When is your music on sale in Europe?? Sincerely, Rene
I heard the end of your show in Salem last night. I was really impressed by your voice and style. Your CD is great! Ignore the pleas to go back to the East coast...Stay in the NW and keep making great music!
Nice new site!
Site looks really nice. Gorgeous picture of you in B&W. Hope to hear you live soon.
Hey there old neighbor! Miss the good ole days on E. 2nd St. Glad to hear all is well on the left coast and dig the site - looks great. Let me know when you head back this way.
Anandi - site looks terrific. Keep creating wonderful music. Your lyrics and melodies continue to resonate. Get back to Boston soon. We miss you out here.
Your site looks great! Those are amazing pictures! Keep truckin' sweetheart, maybe see out on the road somewhere if I don't get to Portland soon! Your sister in song, Rachel Sedacca www.rachelsedacca.com
hey hey sweet and lovely. good to see your pretty face on this here internet. now if I can just make it to a show...
Great new site!!!!! We miss you in NYC... Meg
hi, my name is anandí and i've never met a person with the same name. I'm from argentina and i'd like know more abot you. thanks.