Forever Days


The third album from this Portland-based singer songwriter. From high energy pop to torchy, lyrical ballads, delicious vocals that you will not soon forget.

As one enthusiastic fan once said, "If I bring a date to your show, your music will make her fall in love." In answer to this Anandi responded, "Then you better be careful who you bring!" With a name that means bliss in Sanskrit, one could easily infer that Anandi's music has the ability to conjure up images and sounds pleasing to the senses.

But this isn't New Age music. It's delicious vocals and poignant lyricism. It's torchy folk and contemplative soul. These are the diverse workings of Anandi's new album, Forever Days.

For this, her third album, Anandi has returned to the studio with producer/multi-instrumentalist Brad Craig (Fine Arts Militia w/ Chuck D., Nastyfacts), drummer Genji Siraisi (Groove Collective) and guitarist and co-writer Steve Mayone (Kris Delmhorst).

Her unique brand of well-crafted songs contains a sense of wisdom and poetry rarely encountered in today's pop music. On Forever Days, the title track reminds a good friend that growing up doesn't mean losing a sense of delight in the world; on "Always A Child" she speaks with gentle tenderness to a friend who has lost faith; "Fruit" praises a friend's lack of discrimination in their affections. Anandi has also ventured back to the soulfulness of the original Gloria Jones' version of "Tainted Love."

Finally, seeing the destruction of the twin towers with her own eyes, inspired the last track on Forever Days and aims at creating a healing mantra for those who have experienced trauma or hopelessness from that day.

Such snapshots make us recall what it might be like to see the world as a playground, where being perfectly human, scrapes and all, is never a burden, always an adventure. Forever Days engages the listener, inviting them to sing along, revealing new dimensions with every listen.

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