The Mirror


Highly emotional and honest blues-based pop, a rare blend of beauty and attitude. This recording, like the meaning of her name, is blissful.

Although this Portland-based singer songwriter was born into a family of musicians, she chose to study at a Tibetan Buddhist retreat center for several years before pursuing her life-long dream of writing and performing music.

After completing her studies, Anandi spent time developing her sound in New York City and Boston. An ever-growing fan base demanded a CD, prompting the release of her debut, Melody of Question, for which she received praise from The Boston Herald and Northeast Performer among others. She appeared on the Emerson College radio show, "The Coffeehouse." The song "Way" was included in the score of the documentary film The Manhattan Dating Project.

She released The Mirror in April 2002 and supported it with shows in New York City and Boston. She also showcased at the Nashville New Music Conference. The Mirror has received spins at college and core radio stations across the country and has received local and national press including Babysue and Performing Songwriter Magazine.

In the words of reviewer John Scalzi of, "A rich, dusky voice, poignant lyricism and just a touch of sadness to make the blues go down right...The Mirror's heart and soul is in soulful - and blissful -contemplation. A solid album all the way through."

From the bluesy stylings of "Enough Of You," the raw emotion of "How Sweet It Was," to the honest self reflections of the title track, The Mirror is a beautiful production, through and through. The Maiden voyage of producer Brad Craig's BLC Studio, The Mirror is, without a doubt, a mission accomplished.

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