Melody of Question


Sophisticated, genre-jumping, introspective, and lyrically evocative. A repeat listen.

Daughter of former RCA recording artist Rachel Faro and Portland Latin jazz drummer Nick Gefroh, Anandi began singing backing vocals for her mother in clubs and concert halls at the age of 12. And while her beautiful voice may very well be a genetic gift, her remarkable ability to imbue her vocals with any style or emotion, and her impeccable vocal control, come from years of practicing her craft. Anandi's first cd, Melody of Question, is as beautiful as her voice, and a testament to years of hard work.

But then, Anandi is no stranger to hard work. Rather than relying on family contacts to launch her career, Anandi left home and set out for Boston and NYC - two of the most competitive markets in the music biz - to make a name for herself. And that's exactly what she did. In Boston, co-producer and drummer Dan Cantor (Hummer, Jim's Big Ego), helped Anandi to develop her sound, along with guitarist Steve Mayone.

Promptly after releasing her cd, Melody of Question, to wide critical acclaim, Anandi headed to New York City, secure in the knowledge that she had what it takes to make it on her own. There she met and worked with Brad Craig, who would be the producer of her next two releases.

Of her first release, Melody of Question, Daniel Gewertz of The Boston Herald wrote, "So many female singer-songwriters name Joni Mitchell as an influence... Anandi is one of the few with enough melodic flair to live up to the comparison." He went on to describe her music as "genre-jumping... dipped in modern jazz, emotionally available, open to the senses... lyrical, lush, yet uncluttered." That review was written 4 years ago, and Anandi's music has grown to a level of sophistication that far exceeds the sound upon which that review was based.

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