New album

This is a project that was started before Covid. Then it was set aside for a while. I'm so excited that this is back on track thanks to the contribution of Producer/Arranger/Musician Greg Goebel! This 9 song recording will feature the same lyrical and melodic songs that you would expect of me but are set in a more spacious environment than a traditional band setting allowing my voice to dance in a landscape allowing for an introspective, heart searching listening experience.

I haven't released a recording of original compositions for 20 years....

Below you'll find some song samples. Please keep in mind that they aren't mixed yet which means that the levels of the track with the voice might seem out of proportion. These are just roughs, not final.

You can Pre-order the CD through Paypal or Venmo. Contribute whatever you like. Much of the recording is done but there is still mixing, mastering, CD replication and last minute finishing touches. My goal is to raise $5,000 to cover those costs.


Venmo: Anandi-Gefroh

Thank you for for contributing to this campaign!

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