Anandi began her career as a singer-songwriter, recording three albums of original songs. Her funk-rock tune “Enough of You” has received more than 3 million hits on YouTube and other songs have been used on television spots and in commercials.

Anandi holds a great reverence for jazz singers such as Sarah Vaughn and Carmen McRae and loves the challenge and moods of jazz. In doing so she has gathered around her some of the best of Portland’s jazz musicians such as pianist Randy Porter and guitarist John Stowell. Over the years Anandi has established a strong following in Portland, singing at the Rose Festival, appearing at the PDX Jazz Festival, The 1905 and producing her bi-annual concert at Classic Pianos.

Anandi’s longtime study of Buddhism (she herself a meditation teacher and yoga instructor) has made a mark on her music. Never speedy or frantic, she takes her time and draws you into her world, leaving you with an appreciation for every note. Anandi's  beautiful renditions of jazz classics, provocative arrangements of well known pop tunes, and distinct songwriting makes her a full spectrum artist.



Anandi first discovered producer Greg Goebel’s talents when she heard his song Rainy City on the local jazz station, KMHD. She soon became a fan, going to his gigs at The 1905 whenever possible to get an earful of his jazz infused solos and intriguing compositions. Later she discovered that her then boyfriend, now husband, went to University of Oregon at the same time as Greg and, in fact, were both in Randy Rolfson’s Experience in the small combo class (their group won the competition that sent them to Reno, of course). 

Anandi and Greg found themselves running in the same music circles and with so many common threads it was inevitable that Anandi found herself recording a demo at Greg’s home studio. What started as just a few tracks soon became a new project. Then Covid happened. During that time Anandi played the basic tracks for  Rachel Faro, who owns and operates the Ashe Records label. Rachel was instantly drawn to the songs and to the way Greg handled them and soon after offered to release it on her label. 

The seventh album from this Portland-based singer songwriter includes meaningful ballads, heartfelt anthems, passionate chants and contemplative soul. With a name that means bliss in Sanskrit, one could easily infer that Anandi's music has the ability to conjure up images and sounds pleasing to the senses but this isn't New Age music. It's delicious vocals and poignant lyricism. These are the diverse workings of Anandi's new album, A Better Way, releasing Fall 2022 on Ashe Records/The Orchard. 

Anandi’s maiden voyage with producer/multi-instrumentalist Greg Goebel (Gino Vanelli, Dave Friesen) features her original songs as well as Jim Pepper’s “Witchi Tai To” and a collaborative effort on “Mandela” with Brazilian artists Glaucia Nasser and Tiago V. 

Her unique brand of well-crafted songs contains a sense of wisdom and poetry rarely encountered in today's pop music. On A Better Way, the title track speaks to homelessness and the need to uplift houseless people; on "Truth, Peace & Solitude" she rouses us to bring balance to our body, mind & soul; "Mandela" praises a great leader. Anandi has also resurrected the cult classic Witchi Tai To written by native American Jim Pepper, a great family friend.

Anandi regularly performs with Internationally acclaimed guitarist John Stowell. Never settling into a musical box, Anandi is always collaborating with others; projects include PDX's All Female Jazz Quartet, Nica's Dream, the original acoustic trio Maiden Oregon and Retro Soul group AM Sister Soul. She also keeps a busy schedule teaching voice, guitar and piano.

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