Anandi’s voice is rich and soulful. She impressively switches from high to deep and vice-versa. She captures the ray of emotions with incredible heart, humanity and vulnerability. Anandi performs her songs with great passion. -

Anandi continues to impress as a singer to be recognized and admired.” - George Fendel


Get ready, 'cause there's a lot to like about Anandi's new recording. First and foremost, she's a Portland-based, no nonsense, real deal jazz singer. No show biz shtick here. Just straight forward, thoroughly honest jazz chops! Anandi supplies...a swinging feel for all of her material. What a delight this is!" George Fendel, Jazzscene”
Chalk up another polished singer here in Puddle City! Anandi's debut jazz CD is a lesson in subtlety and understatement, traits I happen to greatly admire in singers. That she phrases with a natural jazz sense doesn't hurt either...I'm confident we'll be seeing more of Anandi in Portland area venues. Her impressive first outing is sure to raise some eyebrows in our neck of the woods." -George Fendel, Jazzscene”
“Anandi has a knack for beautiful phrasing in her singing. Her overall warmth and genuine affinity for the great jazz standards makes her an instant hit with audiences.” -Tom Grant”

— Musicians

Anandi has something to say" -Steve Christofferson”
“Anandi Gefroh is a fresh, energetic singer working her way into the Portland music scene, singing in English, Spanish and Portuguese. It has been my pleasure to accompany her many times.” -Gordon Lee”
“With a versatile voice, both smoky and sweet, Anandi ("Forever Days," Lake Lady Music), manages to sound as brightly polished as a new penny while keeping her soul intact. Shades of Rickie Lee Jones, Sheryl Crow and other righteous ladies peek through, but it would appear Anandi has her own self wired tight. ...” -May 2003”

— Portland Tribune

“Consider Anandi…Her music sounds like your average coffee-shop folk stuff, right? Wrong.” June, 2002” - Stan Hall

— The Oregonian

“So many female singer-songwriters name Joni Mitchell as an influence…Anandi is one of the few with enough melodic flair to live up to the comparison. Anandi’s debut recording, Melody of Question, a five-song EP, is a sophisticated genre-jumping effort. It’s dipped in modern jazz, emotionally available, open to the senses, ruminative about love…Anandi’s lyrical, lush yet uncluttered sound seems a throw-back to more melodic times…” March 1999” - Daniel Gewertz

— The Boston Herald